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"The details make the design"

I am Polish born, Paris based , graduated and prized seasoned executive of Fashion industry with a Master of Arts & Design Diploma.

After 15 years of holding managing positions in retail companies I decided that it was the time to combine my over 20 years experience in Fashion design together with drawing and painting skills.

I devoted myself to Fashion illustration as it is my huge passion I can't live without.

  In my opinion fashion illustration is as important as fashion photography and even can overtake photography in some aspects by it's power to show what the eyes nor camera can't see and only imagination can.

It is like  one art piece describing another.

When illustrating fashion I feel I can create something more than just a document of a design. I am listening to my emotions and transferring them into drawing, telling the story about the way I see the design.

I can tell a whole story about the mood accompanying the collection as well as about the style and personality of it's Creator.

I illustrate fashion collections; sketch runway looks;  draw for fashion houses; collaborate with media, industry and designers by illustrating their ideas.

My artworks are hand drawn with pencils and inks.

In most of the drawings I am not using any digital effects as I believe it the power and uniqueness of handcrafted art.

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